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Archive of Weekend Messages

11/18/2018 Thanksliving – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

11/25/2018 Staying Positive – Pastor Hollis Graves

12/2/2018 Staying Confident – Pastor Hollis Graves


10/14/2018 Life Hacks:  A Better Way to Live – Pastor Hollis Graves

10/21/2018 Life Hacks:  A Better Way to Live – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

10/28/2018 Life Hacks:  A Better Way to Live – Pastor Hollis Graves

11/02/2018 Life Hacks:  A Better Way to Live – Pastor Hollis Graves

11/11/2018 Life Hacks:  A Better Way to Live – Pastor Hollis Graves


10/07/2018 MN Adult & Teen Challenge

06/03/2018 FOCUSED:  Our Mission – Pastor Hollis Graves

06/10/2018 FOCUSED:  Our Goal – Pastor Hollis Graves


06/17/2018 FOCUSED:  Praying Always – Nehemiah’s Super Long, Very Short, Power-Packed Prayer – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

06/24/2018 FOCUSED:  Praying Always – Pastor Hollis Graves

07/01/2018 FOCUSED:  Praying Always – Pray Together, Stay Together – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt


07/08/2018 FOCUSED:  Growing Together – Pastor Hollis Graves

07/15/2018 FOCUSED:  Growing Together – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

07/22/2018 FOCUSED:  Growing Together – Pastor Hollis Graves

07/29/2018 FOCUSED:  Growing Together – Pastor Hollis Graves


08/05/2018 FOCUSED:  Reaching Out – Pastor Hollis Graves

08/12/2018 FOCUSED:  Reaching Out – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

08/19/2018 FOCUSED:  Reaching Out – Pastor Hollis Graves

08/26/2018 FOCUSED:  Reaching Out – Pastor Hollis Graves


09/02/2018 FOCUSED:  The Identity, Purpose and Responsibility of our Family – Pastor Ben Salmi


09/09/2018 FOCUSED:  Family Strong – Pastor Hollis Graves

09/16/2018 FOCUSED:  Family Strong – Pastor Hollis Graves

09/23/2018 FOCUSED:  Family Strong – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

09/30/2018 FOCUSED:  Family Strong – Pastor Hollis Graves


04/08/2018 SE7EN – Letters In Revelation – The Letter To Ephesus – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

04/15/2018 SE7EN – Letters In Revelation – The Letter To Smyrna – Pastor Hollis Graves

04/29/2018 SE7EN – Letters In Revelation – The Letter To Pergamum – Pastor Hollis Graves

05/06/2018 SE7EN – Letters In Revelation – The Letter To Thyatira – Pastor Hollis Graves

05/13/2018 SE7EN – Letters In Revelation – The Letter to Sardis – Pastor Hollis Graves

05/20/2018 SE7EN – Letters in Revelation – The Letter to Philadelphia – Pastor Hollis Graves

05/27/2018 SE7EN – Letters in Revelation – The Letter to Laodicea – Pastor Ben Salmi


04/22/2018 The Absolute Miracle of Salvation – Guest Speaker Pastor Dave Ogren


4/01/2018 HOPE Is Alive – Pastor Hollis Graves

3/25/2018 Building The House Of The Lord – Pastor Jim Olson

3-18-2018 Why Me? – Finding Meaning In Suffering – Pastor Hollis Graves

3-11-2018 How Not To Be A Leper – Lessons In Gratitude – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

03-04-2018 Every Journey Has A Destination…Where Are You Headed? – Jesus Looked Like Someone Who Connected! – Pastor Hollis Graves

02-25-2018 Every Journey Has A Destination…Where Are You Headed? – Jesus Looked Like Someone Who Served! – Pastor Ben Salmi

02-18-2018 Every Journey Has A Destination…Where Are You Headed? – Jesus Looked Like Someone Who Focused! – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

02-11-2018 Every Journey Has A Destination…Where Are You Headed? – Jesus Looked Like Someone Who Cared! – Pastor Hollis Graves

02-04-2018 Every Journey Has A Destination…Where Are You Headed? – Jesus Looked Like Someone Who Prayed! – Pastor Hollis Graves

01-28-2018 Every Journey Has A Destination…Where Are You Headed? – Pastor Hollis Graves

01-21-2018 Everything You Need…Two Sides Of Salvation (God’s And Ours) – Pastor Rich Doebler


01-14-2018 Born to Run…Perseverance – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

1-07-2018 2018…Breakthrough Just Ahead! – Pastor Hollis Graves


12-31-2017 An Appealing Request – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

12-24-2017 Have You Heard What We’ve Heard – (PM Candlelight Service) – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

12-24-2017 Good Things Come In Small Packages – Pastor Hollis Graves

12-17-2017 What is Christmas? – Pastor Ben Salmi

12-10-2017 Responding in Faith (Joseph) – Pastor Hollis Graves

12-03-2017 Don’t Just Do Something…Sit There! – Pastor Hollis Graves


11-26-2017 The Power Of Words – Pastor Hollis Graves

11-19-2017 The Power Of Words – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt

11-12-2017 The Power Of Words – Pastor Hollis Graves

11-05-2017 The Power Of Words – Pastor Hollis Graves

10-29-2017 The Power of Words – Pastor Hollis Graves


10-22-2017 Fresh Bread In The House – Pastor Fred Goldschmidt


10-08-2017 MN Adult & Teen Challenge – No Sermon – No Audio

10-15-2017 Hungry For God – Pastor Hollis Graves


09-24-2017 Famous Last Words – Pastor Ben Salmi


08-27-2017 Journey Essentials: Faith

09-03-2017 Journey Essentials: Joy

09-10-2017 Journey Essentials: Sacrifice

09-17-2017 Journey Essentials: Celebration

10-01-2017 Journey Essentials: Resisting



06-25-2017 Colossians: Fighting “Truth” Decay

07-02-2017 Colossians:  The Big…Big…Big…Picture

07-09-2017 Colossians:  Jesus is Enough

07-16-2017 Colossians:  Jesus Sets Us Free

07-23-2017 Colossians:  Jesus is Life!

07-30-2017 Colossians: (No Audio)

08-06-2017 Colossians: Where the Rubber Meets the Road

08-13-2017 Colossians:  Pray and Say

08-20-2017 Colossians: Fighting “Truth” Decay



05-28-2017: Strengthen Your CORE: Integrity – No Audio

06-04-2017 Strengthen Your CORE: Prayer

06-11-2017 Strengthen Your CORE: Me First

06-18-2017 Strengthen Your CORE: Generosity


05-21-2017: Building a Kingdom


fixer upper

04-23-2017 Fixer Upper: Anger

04-30-2017 Fixer Upper: Unforgiveness – No Audio

05-07-2017 Fixer Upper: Worry

05-14-2017 Fixer Upper: Disappointment


04-16-2017 Easter Sunday!  Leave Your Doubts at the Tomb


03-26-2017 The Journey Beings…With God!

04-02-2017 The Journey Beings…With Others!

04-09-2017 Partnering with God


03-12-2017 For the Glory of the King

03-19-2017 Let me introduce you to…


Picture This sermon series-2

02-19-2017 Picture this…Baptism

02-26-2017 Picture this…Communion

03-05-2017 Picture this… the Church



01-29-2017 Living by Faith:  Freedom

02-05-2017 Living by Faith:  Failure

02-12-2017 Living by Faith:  Future


01-01-2017 Living Light

01-08-2017 Living Light Pt. 2

01-15-2017 Coming Down The Mountain

01-22-2017 Time For a Heart Check Up Guest Speaker – Hollis Graves


11-13-2016 First Love

11-20-2016 Giving Thanks: The punctuation to our fullness in Christ

11-27-2016 Guest Speaker – Nathan Rasmussen

12-4-2016 Curb Your Ego

12-11-2016 The Father’s Love

12-18-2016 Not Sold In Stores Guest Speaker – Hollis Graves

12-25-2016 Looking For Love In All The Right Places




10-23-2016 Outnumbered – Breakfast of Champions

10-30-2016 Outnumbered – Staying Cool in the Fire

11-06-2016 Outnumbered – Living with Lions


To Live is Christ


09-25-2016 To Live is Christ – Philippians 3

10-02-2016 To Live is Christ – Philippians 4


10-09-2016 Special Guest:  MN Adult & Teen Challenge

10-16-2016 Giving Love


Things that Remain


09-04-2016 Things that Remain:  Faith

09-11-2016 Things that Remain: Hope

09-18-2016 Things that Remain: Love


To Live is Christ


08-14-2016 To Live is Christ – Philippians 1

08-21-2016 To Live is Christ – Philippians 2

08-28-2016 To Live is Christ – Philippians 2 Pt. 2


08-07-2016 – Ben Salmi – no audio


The Story of Ruth






07-17-2016 Providence

07-24-2016 Provision

07-31-2016 Willingness – no audio


07-10-2016 Chosen by God

07-03-2016 Fight. Pray. Love.


24/7 Life Together

24-7 logo1

05-29-2016 24/7 Life Together: Humility

06-05-2016 Guest Speaker Brett Hollis

06-12-2016 24/7 Life Together:  For the Lord’s Sake, Submit!

06-19-2016 24/7 Life Together:  Night Vision

06-26-2016 24/7 Life Together:  Persistence


05-22-2016 Are you a slave, servant, or son?

05-15-2016 Spirit-Filled Living

05-08-2016 Guest Speaker Steve Tucker

05-01-2016 Don’t Lose Your Head

04-24-2016 Guest Speaker Tori Rasmussen

04-03-2016 The Heart of the Matter


Journey to the Cross

02-07-2016 The Triumphal Entry

02-14-2016 People Jesus Touches

02-21-2016 Stories Jesus Tells

02-28-2016 Places Jesus Goes (No audio available)

03-06-2016 Guest Speaker Jeff and Mary Ann Anderson

03-13-2016 Actions Jesus Does

03-20-2016 Promises Jesus Fulfilled

03-27-2016 Hope for Today


Prayer Werks

01-03-2016 Prayer Werks

01-10-2016 Effective Prayers

01-17-2016 Paul’s Prayers for the Church

01-24-2016 Praying the Heart of God

01-31-2016 Do You Trust Me?


A Baby Changes Everything
God’s promised salvation was foretold through prophets and demonstrated through his works. Here are four stories of hope that came to barren, empty lives.
12-06-2015 Isaac—God will provide
12-13-2015 Bringing Hope to Our Emptiness (story of Samuel) (text only)
12-20-2015 John, the Baptist – Preparing the Way
12-27-2015 Jesus the Messiah

God is active, even when (because of pain, hardship, or disappointment) it may feel like he’s not. In such times, let’s open our eyes (and our hearts) to see God at work. God is always working—sometimes behind the scenes, sometimes on center stage—but always God is working.
11-08-2015 God At Work—in these times.
11-15-2015 God At Work—doing a new thing.
11-22-2015 God At Work—walking with us.
11-29-2015 God At Work—lifting our vision.

10-11-2015 MN Teen Challenge

10-18-2015 Being Teachable

10-25-2015  Guest Speaker Rob Suhonen

11-01-2015  Guest Speaker Dave Ogren

Better Things Are Coming
We believe God is bringing us to a better place…doing better things within us and through us. Believing this requires faith—so here are examples from God’s Word—Hebrews 11, the “Faith chapter”—about people who could see better things yet on the way, even without present physical evidence.
09-06-2015 Getting a Grip on Faith…It can be risky 
09-13-2015 Going Without Knowing…The Story of Abraham 
09-20-2015 Miracles, Manna, and MayhemThe Story of Moses 
09-27-2015 Faith or Foolishness…Crossing the Red Sea 
10-04-2015 God Fights the Battles for His People…The Story of Gideon

Life is a Journey
 08-09-2015 Embarking on a process of conversion
08-16-2015 Moving on Toward Maturity
08-30-2015 Finding Contentment

People Are Important People Are Important. Each person you meet contains a spark of God’s energy and life. Each is created in the image of God—designed to find a significant place in God’s purpose. How are you fitting in?
07-11-2015 Made in His Image
07-19-2015 Valuable Enough to Die For
07-26-2015 Designed for Good
08-02-2015 The Greatest Among Us

What You Need to Know About God
07-05-2015 God is Good
06-28-2015 God is Faithful
06-21-2015  God Is Just and Fair
06-14-2015 God is… Real

THRIVE!…being truly blessed.
05-10-2015  Worldly Values Flipped Upside-Down
05-17-2015 Knowing Your Desperate Need • “They are blessed who realize their spiritual poverty” —Jesus
05-24-2015 Feeling Overwhelming Loss • “Blessed are those who mourn” —Jesus
05-31-2015 Hitting Bottom • “God blesses those people who are humble” —Jesus
06-07-2015 Slammed For Your Faith • “Blessed are those who suffer for doing what is right” —Jesus

REDESIGN! God has a plan—and it includes you! This series of messages will help you discover God’s design for a better you.

Redesign a Person

04-12-2015 Identity Theft …become who you were meant to be.
04-19-2015 Go With the Flow …surrender to the Spirit.
04-26-2015 New Heart & Mind …lift your vision higher.
05-03-2015 Change Is Possible …go—and grown—beyond ordinary.

EASTER (04-05-2015) New Beginnings

Multi-colored GraceGod’s Multi-Colored GRACE
Jesus sends us just as he was sent—to a colorless world living in sin shades of gray. He sends us to do his work, speaking truth and “faithfully dispensing God’s multi-colored grace in all its various forms.” (1 Pet 4:10, paraphrase)
03-08-15 “Grace Across the Spectrum”
03-15-15 “Pouring It On”
03-22-15 “The Gift of Lift”
03-29-15 “Feast of Truth and Grace” 

03-18-15 Guest Speaker Tori Rasmussen

Jesus calls us to commitment. Sacrifice. Not exactly popular ideas these days. How can the “road less traveled” become the “road more traveled”?
02-08-15 “Narrow Is Better”
02-15-15 “Highways of the Heart”
02-22-15 “Following God’s Way”
02-29-15 “Bringing Others” 


Find the trACTION you need for the coming days. Start your New Year off with a total tune-up. Get unstuck and keep moving with God!
01-04-15  Spinning Your Wheels?
01-11-15  Escaping Life’s Ruts
01-18-15  Plotting Your Course
01-25-15  Three Steps to Keep Moving Forward
02-01-15  The Trip of a Lifetime 

12-28-14 Think Big

Radical Giver! The story of extravagant grace
11-30-14 Meet the Giver: God’s scandalous grace
12-07-14 How to Receive: You can’t earn a gift
12-14-14 Using Your Gift: What faith can do
12-21-14 Regifting: How to change the world

Living a Life that Matters 
11-09-14 Living God’s Plan
11-16-14 Living a Good Legacy
11-23-14 Living with a Grateful Heart

GOTTA! Of all the things we “gotta” be or “gotta” do, some things rise to the top! If we answer God’s invitation to be part of what he is doing, good things “gotta” happen. Check out these “gotta’s”!
09-28-2014 Gotta Be Called
10-05-2014 Gotta Be Challenged
10-19-2014 Gotta Have Heart
10-26-2014 Gotta Have a Plan
11-02-2014 Gotta Have a Goal

09-21-2014 Real Power in a High-Tech World

09-07-2014 Fanning the Flame
09-14-2014 Fanning the Flame Part 2

08-31-2014 Jim Larson    Believer or Disciple?

08-24-2014 When the Music Fades

08-17-2014 Renew Your Mind…Reshape Your Life

08-10-2014  Things that Remain

07-27-2014 Why is life so hard?
08-03-2014 The Unseen Behind the Scenes 

 The Cross!
• June 29th, 2014 The Cross
• July 6th, 2014 The Cross:  What it Does
• July 13, 2014 The Cross: What It Demonstrates
• July 20, 2014 The Cross: What it Demands

“Trainwreck to Glory” 06-22-2014 Trainwreck to Glory

CONNECTED! To be healthy and viable, the church, as a group of people, needs each individual member connected to other individuals within it—we are connected on several levels and for varying reasons. We are connected…
• 05-25-2014 To Belong
• 06-01-2014 To Believe
• 06-08-2014 To Become
• 06-15-2014 To Be Sent

• April 27th 2014    Moving UP: God calls us higher!
• May 4th 2014       Moving OUT: God calls us to go!
• May 11th 2014    Moving IN!
• May 18th 2014    Moving THROUGH:  God calls us through life’s battles.

 Easter Sunday April 20, 2014     New Heart…New Start

American Idols! Are there idols in your heart? The words you say with lip service can’t trump heart worship. Ancient Israel served the Lord—but also flirted with the gods of other nations. Surrounded as we are by the world, how often are our hearts swayed by American Idols?
• March 23, 2014     Confronting the gods of Culture
• March 30, 2014     Battling the gods of Self
• April 6, 2014           Rejecting the gods of Religion
• April 13, 2014        Conquering the gods of Possessions

Unleashed! Far too many are “stuck”—unable to move forward; held back by sin or habits, hurts, and hang-ups; held hostage by the past, painful memories, and addictions. But as long as we are stuck, we cannot fulfill God’s plan. He wants his church fully engaged, joining together as a great force for good in our world.
• 02-23-2014 Unleashed:  Free at Last
• 03-02-2014 Unleashed: Set Free to Give Yourself Away • 03-09-2014 Unleashed: Set Free to Change Your World • 03-16-2014 Unleashed: Set Free to Live by Faith

The Look of Love
• 01-26-2014 Love Your Neighbor
• 02-02-2014 Love Your Enemies
02-09-2014  Love Your Spouse
• 02-16-2014 Love Your God

OPEN HEARTS! We need hearts open to God if we want to see him have his way in us over the coming year.
• 01-05-2014 Opening our hearts to what God is doing
• 01-12-2014 Opening our hearts to stepping out in faith
• 01-19-2014 Opening our heart to believe for God’s best
• 12-29-2013 Listening?

“In These Last Days” “…in these last days he has spoken to us by his Son…the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being…” (Hebrews 1:2-3)
• 12-01-13 In The Beginning
• 12-08-2013 What’s Trending?
• 12-22-2013 In These Last Days

“Give and Take”
• 10-27-2013 Sacrificial Living in a Vampire World
• 11-3-2013 Sacrificial Living at Home
• 11-10-2013 A Living Sacrifice—the ultimate act of worship
• 11-17-2013 A Living Sacrifice-whatever you do
• 11-24-2013 Living Sacrificially with our resources

Ordinary People…
Extraordinary Lives

Learn to allow God’s extraordinary power to shine within your life.
• 09-22-2013 Common People, Uncommon Power
•  09-29-2013 More Than Enough—Grace in Weakness
• 10-6-2013 Connecting with the Power Source
• 10-20-2013 Strength from the Inside Out   

09-15-2013 Guest Speaker Wendy Berthelsen, The Great Reversal

09-08-2013 Sweat the Small Stuff

Eternity in Their Hearts “Eternity” exists within us because God plants the seed of eternity in each human. Every culture throughout history has known instinctively  there is something more than this material world, something transcendent, something spiritual…in short, something eternal. Here are some answers to the questions we wonder about: “What happens when we die? What is heaven like? Who goes there? Is there a hell?
• 09-01-2013 In the Shadow of Eternity
•  08-25-2013 You Only Live Twice 

•    08-18-2013 Living in Eternity…Starting Now
•    08-11-2013 Eternity in Their Hearts 

G.R.O.W. – Gifts Revitalize Our Work. Here is a series of message that will look at key figures from the Bible to see how their personality and spiritual gifts (even things that seemed a bit negative) were uniquely shaped to fit in and help others.•    06-23-2013 – “Thomas”The Upside of Doubt •    06-30-2013 – “Martha” — Don’t just sit there ! Do something! •    07-07-2013 – “Mary” — Don’t just do something! Sit there! •    07-14-2013 – “Moses” — Don’t ask me! I can’t handle it. •    07-21-2013 –  “Peter” — Don’t hold back.  Take a leap of faith! •    07-28-2013 – “James” — Don’t worry! I’ve got it covered. •    08-04–2013 – “Jonah” — Don’t push me. I might get in too deep.   06-09-2013 NEWmind: How To Change Your Life

ENERGIZED! Why stop short of your potential in Christ? •     05-12-13 Growing by God’s Power •     05-19-13 Living by God’s Power •     05-26-13 Sharing God’s Power •     06-02-13 Tapping into God’s Power

•     04-14-13 “The Way”
•     04-21-13 “Finding the Way”
•     04-28-13 “The Way of Peace”
•     05-05-13 “The Narrow Way”

Outrageous things Jesus said…and what they can mean for you. Jesus has often been misunderstood. He did and said things that caused even his family to say, “He is out of his mind” (Mark 3:21).        Sometimes he’s said things that seemed extreme—way over the top. To the average person, his words often didn’t make sense. Even today his words may seem crazy to us.         But perhaps it’s in grasping those extremes that we find balance and hope. Perhaps it’s when we get in touch with the amazing, outrageous Jesus that we find solutions for our own crazy lives.
03-03-2013 “I am willing.”

•      03-10-2013 “Your sins are forgiven.”
•      03-17-2013 “Why are you afraid?”
•      03-24-2013 “One thing you lack.”
•      03-31-2013 “I am.”
•      04-07-2013 “Who touched me?”

02-24-2013 When God Is Silent 

02-24-2013 Guest Speaker Pastor Dave Ogren

Healthy Church

If we know what makes a healthy church and work to improve those qualities where we are, the church will grow stronger and healthier. A recent self-evaluation of our congregation determined that we should concentrate on identifying and developing our spiritual gifts so we can base our church ministries on those gifts. This series of practical messages lays the groundwork for this process.
• 01-06-2013 Vital Signs

• 01-13-2013 Stooping to a Higher Call
• 01-20-2013 Empowered!
• 01-27-2013 Loving God, Loving People
• 02-03-2013 Dream Team
• 02-10-2013  Greater Gift, A Better Way
• 02-17-2013  Discovering God’s Call