Getting a Grip on Faith Play in new window | Download09-06-2015 message by Pastor Rich Doebler You’ve noticed the banner in the lobby: “We believe…” It’s not a doctrinal statement. It simply states some of our core values—the essence of who we are—things that

Valuable Enough to Die For Play in new window | Download07-19-2015 message by Pastor Rich Doebler So how valuable are people? How do we know people are important? We know this for several reasons: 1. You could say (as Jeff did last week) that

God Is Faithful Play in new window | Download06-29-2015 message by Pastor Rich Doebler Read Lamentations 3:22-26 Over the past couple weeks we’ve been looking at the “Building Blocks of Faith”—central, essential truths—“What you need to know about God.” We’ve already seen