We are so excited to celebrate with you this amazing milestone in your life (or in your graduate’s life).  We recognize that you have put in hard work and determination to get to this point and that is why we would like to honor you on GRAD SUNDAY (weekend).

During the services of May 26/27th, we will be honoring graduates during the church service.  We will ask the graduates to come forward, say their name, where they are graduating from, and what plans they may have for the future.  We, as a congregation, will also pray a blessing over them thanking God for all he has done and ask that he will bless them and guide them on their future endeavors.   We know most of the graduates, but we want to make sure that you are not missed.  Please sign up below so that we can acknowledge you (or your graduate)!

Graduate Recognition Photos

Since we desire to honor all High School and College graduates, we are asking you to upload a graduation photo so we can add it to our slideshow of Graduates for 2018 that will be displayed on weekend services on the 26th & 27th of May 2018. Send Photo’s to with name and where you are graduating from.