We’re helping each other take the next step on our journey with Christ.

We’re on a journey—a spiritual journey. And you’re invited to journey with us.

Though we’re people who are on a journey, it’s obvious we haven’t yet arrived. But we are “in process”—we’re on the move. We’re going places!

Some of us are just beginning the journey of faith—just taking those first steps. Others have traveled this way for a long time. Our backgrounds and experiences differ, but we’re all the same in one respect. We all want and need more of God. That’s why we travel together.

For more than 80 years, Cloquet Journey Christian Church (formerly Cloquet Gospel Tabernacle) has offered Good News to hurting people. Through the years we’ve offered hope in times of stress and difficulty, peace during conflicts and wars, and an eternal perspective when society focused on prosperity and material things.

We’ve come through several generations—Builders, Baby Boomers, Busters, Gen-X, and Millennials—and still we care about people. Today our church reaches out to those seeking answers about life, about God, about relationships. We want to help people build connections with God and each other. We want to help individuals become part of a vibrant community of faith.

Over the years, we’ve worked to meet the needs of each generation with the timeless truths of the gospel. We aim to keep on doing this no matter what changes the future may bring. Along the way four buildings have been filled to capacity, and we continue to stretch to meet the needs of an expanding congregation.

While we journey together, we aim to…

…encourage and lift those who stumble or fall. We aim to offer positive, practical help for people facing the complex challenges of life in today’s world.

nancy lindsey 038…strengthen people crushed by the bitter blows of life. We want to affirm those struggling with personal doubts and fears.

…free those locked in rituals, religion, or meaningless, empty tradition. We want them to know the reality of a relationship with Jesus, who is the Truth that can set them free.

…assist those searching for answers to life’s questions. We want to help all, whether they are skeptics, believers, or seekers. We don’t have all the answers, but we know the One who does.

…welcome everyone regardless of race, age, economic standing, or marital status. We’re all on a level playing field when it comes to needing God!

…connect with families, single parents, and retired couples. We can’t all be connected to every other person, but we want to help you find a connection with a few—so you can help each other.

…validate each individual. Even if you don’t think you’re worth much or doing much, God sees you as incredibly significant. And so do we.

…celebrate each step you take on your spiritual journey. We’re happy to see progress—no matter how small it might be. We’re glad when you move in the right direction, whether you’re just beginning or a veteran on the journey.

…affirm anyone who is seeking to know Jesus. We want to help people along the way—not judge them for how far they have yet to go on their spiritual journey.

…help people mature in their faith. We encourage each other to become more like Christ in our daily lives. We all need help with that!

We value…

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We shape our ministries and programs by certain values—things that motivate and inspire us!

1.   God is alive! We expect God to be present among us. We know he will do awesome things when we call on him. We’re growing in our relationship with a living God who works in amazing, supernatural ways.

2. People are important! God created each individual in his own image. And Jesus gave his life as a sacrifice on the cross to rescue each of us from the consequences of sin and all that’s wrong in this world. We’ve experienced God’s amazing love for us. That mind-blowing encounter has helped us see the value God invests in each person we meet. And that means you.

3. Life is a journey! Everyone is on a path to somewhere. We just want to help people find the right path—to point them in the right direction. Since we’re all on this journey to find God and become more like Jesus, we’re committed to helping each other along the way. One step at a time, we’re going to get there. Together.

4. Better things are coming! We have confidence, inspired by faith in Christ, that God is doing good things within us. We haven’t yet arrived, but we’re further along than we used to be. God has given us hope for eternity—life with him. Until then, we see his ongoing work in our hearts as he transforms us into his image in ever increasing measure.