Welcome to Journey Christian Church!

We’re helping each other take the next step on our journey with Christ.

We’re on a journey—a spiritual journey. And you’re invited to journey with us.

Though we’re people who are on a journey, it’s obvious we haven’t yet arrived. But we are “in process”—we’re on the move. We’re going places!

Some of us are just beginning the journey of faith—just taking those first steps. Others have traveled this way for a long time. Our backgrounds and experiences differ, but we’re all the same in one respect. We all want and need more of God. That’s why we travel together.

For more than 80 years, Journey Christian Church (formerly Cloquet Gospel Tabernacle) has offered Good News to hurting people. Through the years we’ve offered hope in times of stress and difficulty, peace during conflicts and wars, and an eternal perspective when society focused on prosperity and material things.

We’ve come through several generations—Builders, Baby Boomers, Busters, Gen-X, and Millennials—and still we care about people. Today our church reaches out to those seeking answers about life, about God, about relationships. We want to help people build connections with God and each other. We want to help individuals become part of a vibrant community of faith.

Over the years, we’ve worked to meet the needs of each generation with the timeless truths of the gospel. We aim to keep on doing this no matter what changes the future may bring. Along the way four buildings have been filled to capacity, and we continue to stretch to meet the needs of an expanding congregation.