We'd like to introduce ourselves to you!

Youth Leaders

Ed Martin

I've been the youth director here at Journey since February 1, 2019. I grew up in a christian home, gave my heart to Jesus when I was six years old, and rededicated my life to Jesus before entering 9th grade. In the time I have walked with Jesus, I'm consistently reminded that you cannot earn His love, He just freely gives it. My heart and desire is always to honor Him and glorify Him in everything I do- on top of that, I get to share Jesus with a special group of people: teenagers!

I love LOTR, Star Wars, to read and to run. I love the Green Bay Packers! I passionately dislike the Minnesota Vikings and eating my vegetables (unless its from Qdoba or Subway). My favorite part of youth group is simply the teenagers: seeing their love for Jesus and their desire to serve Him. My biggest reward is getting to be a part of their story and helping to point the way to Jesus!


Claire Graves

Hi I'm Claire! I grew up a missionary kid on the West Coast and moved to northern Minnesota in 2008. I've been attending Journey since 2009- that same year, my faith became my own (instead of my parents!) after a hard season of depression, an eating disorder, and a search for identity. My husband Josh and I decided to commit to our church family and become official members in 2019. We welcomed our first kiddo, Aaron in 2020. I love spending time with people! I'm an elementary teacher and love reading, working out, crocheting, camping and coffee. I'm always game for a hike and would never turn down kayaking or canoeing. I dislike loud noises and staying up until the wee hours of the night. Josh and I joined youth ministry in 2019 and it has been such a blessing to have the opportunity to get to know these awesome teens. Their dedication and drive to dive deeper into knowing the Father brings such joy to my heart.


Josh Graves

My name is Josh Graves- I am married to Claire and am a brand new father to our son Aaron. I am your typical plaid-wearing Minnesooootan. I love anything outdoors: hunting, fishing, camping, etc. I have been attending Journey for a number of years, and officially became a member in 2019. One of my favorite parts of serving in Youth is being able to witness them worship our King. We have a group of kids that are not afraid to give our Father the worship He deserves. It is so inspiring and humbling to myself and the rest of the youth leaders walk with Christ.


Michael Lane

I'm Michael, I have lived in Cloquet and attended Journey Christian Church my whole life, with an exception of three years while I attended Christ for the Nations Institute in Dallas, TX for my degree in Worship and Technical Arts. I have been a leader with the youth group since 2011. I have two dogs (Trip and Kira). Some of my favorite things are Jeeps, aeronautics, astronomy, music, and woodworking. I dislike raw onions as well as raisin cookies/bluberry muffins disguising themselves as the chocolate chip versions. So disappointing. I love seeing God work in and through the youth and I love seeing breakthrough and freedom in their lives.


Tom Horn 

My name is Thomas Horn. I was born in Brainerd MN. I am married to a rockstar of a lady and have four grown kids and three dogs who mean the world to me. I have always believed but became a Christ follower in 2017 and havent looked back. I have worked as a chemical dependancy officer and a medic, and i have been a musician most of my life. My hobbies include any sort of contact sport, woodworking, music, fishing and hiking. What I'm hoping to accomplish is to be an example to the kids in our group. To teach them to stand up for their faith and to be lights in the dark world. My favorite thing about youth group is being able to play music with the kids, and to share my experiences in the hope that what I do share they can use to further the sharing of the gospel. Oh yeah, I stole a truck once as a kid, but thats another story (inside joke with the kids!)


Maggie Schulstrom

I'm Maggie Rose Schulstrom, I grew up in the area as a homeschooled farm kid, now living in Carlton. In my current calling I'm a backyard missionary and barista, with a heart for reaching people for Christ through building relationships. Raised in a non-Christian household, I am delighted and so grateful for how God pursued me and showed me who Jesus really is and who I am in Christ (a journey begun in my teens and continuing daily). I find so much beauty in His Creation, whether a sky full of stars, intricacies of flower petals, or his children in the world. I love hiking, sitting down with a guitar, reading, cows, and finding deep messages in songs and movies. Not a fan of being cold all winter, or bell peppers. My favorite part of serving with youth is seeing God pursue them in individual ways and how they respond, grow, and live in that vast love!


Alix Pender

Hi my name is Alix! I live in Cloquet with my husband and four beautiful children. We've been attending Journey since 2008 and I started as a youth leader in 2020. I also serve on the worship team and occasionally in children's ministries. I am a preschool teacher and though I love it, I love my full time job as a mommy even more! I love a perfectly crisp fall day, bonfires, sweaters, birks, when my nails are done, and COFFEE! I dislike mushrooms, olives, scary movies, things that slither or creepy crawl, and extreme temps. I love seeing the youth grow and mature in the personal relationships with Christ and surrender ALL during worship! It's been a blessing to see and be a part of them loving and serving one another and others.


Sarah Faust

Hi everyone!  I'm the LOUD one! My husband Michael and I live in Esko with our three girls (Jemma, Juliette and Jovielle) and a ridiculous amount of chickens. I am a hairstylist and LOVE making people feel as beautiful on the outside as I know they are on the inside. We have been attending Journey since 2013, became members in 2019, and started with youth leadership in 2020. We also dabble in children's ministries, worship, and Michael serves on the Deacon board. I was raised catholic and really dedicated my life to Christ in 2009. I was baptized with my husband in 2017 and love the big and little ways God shows me His love and realness. I love books, being outside, chocolate, coffee and chickens. I dislike star wars and olives. The best part of serving with the youth is watching them live out God's love for each other and how much fun they bring to my faith.


Michael Faust

My name is Michael Faust- I live in Esko with Sarah and our three little girls. I was born on the range where I grew up very involved in a baptist church. I accepted Christ at the age of 10... and then again a couple more times just to make sure. My walk with God has never been more steady than it is right now because I rely on Him daily for things I just dont have the strength to do by myself (working long hot days in the summer, or cold cold days in the winter, or coming home and putting my happy pants on when I see my kids and wife after these long days, or even just finding the time and energy to get all the jobs done around the house.) Family life is busy- we have been attending Journey for almost 8 years and love it. I'm an outdoorsman. I love flannel and wool. I like guns and hunting with them. My favorite smell is our wood burning stove that burns all winter. Being around the youth makes me feel younger or older depending on the day- but the energy they have and seeing how God uses them is so enjoyable.